The McNair Center for the Advancement of Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship at Northwood University is a leading University think-tank generating information focused on the study, advocacy and expansion of the market-process and the creation and cultivation of entrepreneurs.

The McNair Center is a university-based research center for the elevation of knowledge on the workings of markets and the entrepreneurial - process with the goal of improving lives by providing seminars for undergraduate and graduate students as well as high school teachers, while conducting research that enhances the entrepreneurial process and the understanding of contributions entrepreneurs make to society.

Our mission is to generate knowledge and understanding of the importance and value of entrepreneurship in a free and competitive economy and the impact entrepreneurs have beyond transactions on the progress and prosperity of society as a whole.

The McNair Center was established in July 2015. The center is dedicated to the accomplishments of two of America's great entrepreneurs and philanthropists Robert and Janice McNair.


Human freedom and entrepreneurship, rooted in culture and economy, guided by strong moral and ethical values is the cornerstone of moral and ethical capitalism. Historically, human freedom and entrepreneurship have been the wealth-spring of human progress in the United States and around the world.  The advancement of free enterprise and entrepreneurship is the fundamental guidepost of a free society and the cornerstone of society and culture in general.

Strategic Activities of the McNair Center

The McNair Center at Northwood University is dedicated to the production of people, seminars, and research that will defend, enhance and advance the economics and culture of a free and moral society.

Some of the specific activities of the McNair Center are:

  • Formulating, developing, and enhancing courses in the undergraduate major in entrepreneurship at Northwood University

  • Producing annual publications ranging from textbooks and op-eds to scholarly research studies for industries and academia

  • Producing seminars and symposiums for educators, scholars and students

  • Providing materials, speakers and thought leaders for the popular press, conferences, symposiums and colloquiums